What my clients say about that:

Why ?

I just do it,
preferably with other entrepreneurs, investors and organizations.

A few projects I did with investors, entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations.

Restaurant site extension OST Eindhoven

Brand / online identity & webshop Ind’noven

Brand / online identity / production OST Eindhoven

Redevelopment (redesign & code)  GGZ in de Wijk
City of Amsterdam (and other partners)

Redevelopment online identity Hendrik Veder Group

Redevelopment site & shop J’aime La Vlie – The Eurovision Island

Development Young Global Living – The Global Co-Living Brand

This case gave life to Short Stay Citizens. High end short stay living for the global citizen.

I’ve done so much with NIO architecten the last 25 years, it’s impossible to call that a case.

Lear, Start listening: Branding, identity,
proposition and product development.

This case initiated Choose Your Shape, an APP COUTURE ® solution for the production of custom made shoes.

This case complements the Vesters brand, another APP COUTURE ® solution for the measuring and ordering of semi custom made shoes.

This case sparked Tagpoint. Safety behaviour education for people who work in industrial environments.

In 2018 Tagpoint was funded and endorsed by The Rotterdam Portfund

Get the right management…

Fruity Pack, creation and production.

The Global Tax Return case. A convenient revolutionary service for the global citizen.

The Managing Director case. Because recruiting isn’t Old Skool.

The Belnem case. Bonaire and business bolted together.

The Guardian 360 case. Bespoke Maximum Cyber Security

The Novatrack case. Don’t let them steal your brand, get them red handed.

The Metz case. Purveyors to the Royal Court of the Netherlands.

The Babbeltje case. The creation of an entertaining set of stories for (big) children.

Boulimia de Baas. A case for PsyQ to provide methods for boulimia treatment.

TUI CHEQQER : Creating a review platform for the largest travel company in Europe.

Coca Cola Card 2.0 : This case was probably too far ahead of it’s time.
Barcode scanning on your mobile phone, not commonplace in 2000.

The Cup A Soup Game Case: Game and tools for business training education sponsored by Unilever.

The Business Update Case: This was the birth of RTL-Z, a 24/7 business news platform.

Meanwhile on Instagram…

Since 1995 I’ve created and produced a lot of value for a lot of businesses

A few of them:


‘Business man in front, Mozart on the back…’

Creative director Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.

Kaiser of fashion etc… Will be missed.

‘Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.’

American artist who was a leading figure in  pop art. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertisement. You can find more about him and his work on these Artsy pages.